Fifty Shades of Kink

With the final installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise currently kicking ass at the box office and certainly opening up a market like no other, we thought we’d share some kinky suggestions on how to spice it up the Fifty Shades of Grey way!

1.Go slowly

For those new to BDSM there’s always the temptation to try very heavy sensation. Build up intensity slowly, and there is way less of a chance that someone will get hurt. No matter what activity you’re exploring, slow down and pay attention every step of this little journey. It’s way better to end a session wanting more than do too much too quickly.

2. Eyes wide shut 

Blind your partner’s eyes with a scarf, tie or even stockings. Slowly begin to softly touch & lick on random, different parts of their body. Being blindfolded will heighten all other senses, so the anticipation of where the next touch will land will be quite exhilarating.

3. Ice Ice Baby

Rub an ice cube over your partner’s nipples or have them do it to you. The direct contact of the ice borders on being painful but in the most pleasurable way. You can step it up a little by adding a hot touch. Have a cup of hot tea alongside your glass of ice cubes and alternate between hot and cold.

4. Bite me

Biting is a great entry-level way to play, but talking about it beforehand is essential — and part of that talk should be about marks. Some people are into them and some people really aren’t, so make sure you know where your partner stands before you start chomping down.

5. You’ve got the power

Let your partner tell you exactly what they want you to do for them and then reverse the role. Being in charge will give you both a thrill. Take turns in telling each other what you like most. This could also be a great moment to let your partner know just what you really enjoy. Power is sexy so take turns at being the boss.

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