Holiday Office Party Hookups

Over 25% of Americans claiming to have had sexual relations with coworkers as the result of an office holiday party.  Of course, we all know there’s a much higher percentage that will never kiss and tell. For those of us who haven’t yet or who are thinking about tasting the forbidden fruit this holiday season, our do’s & don’ts below will help you maintain your pride & position come Monday morning.


DON’T drink TOO much alcohol

Free booze can spell trouble, especially while at a work-hosted function; trust me, your coworkers will judge you. What happens at the holiday party does not stay at the holiday party. Ever. To avoid becoming the hot topic of water-cooler gossip, keep your consumption below your normal low. Being buzzed is fine but blacking out & vomiting all over your boss is a HUGE DON’T!

DON’T hit on your coworker’s significant other

It’s never a good idea to misbehave with a coworker’s significant other, there’s no such thing as innocent flirting. It can likely cause bad feelings. Or a black eye.

DO head out of the office

Any real action should be held off-site. Sure, you can most likely find a discreet spot to cope a feel, but if you want to get down and dirty, don’t do it in the bathroom. No ones want to wait in line because you’re busy getting a BJ from Nicole from accounting.

DO practice safe sex

This one should go without saying, things happen in the heat of the moment and nobody wants to get an STD or knocked up unexpectedly. Sure, they’re gifts that keep on giving, but probably not what you had in mind this holiday season.

DON’T be weird about it on Monday

Sometimes a one-night stand is just that a ONE-NIGHT STAND! A spontaneous, no-strings-attached hook up.

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