Shower Sex? Yes please!

A few things come to mind when we hear the words shower sex. Hot, steamy, wild, the wetter the better! But sometimes, if not done correctly shower sex can end up with an unwanted trip to the ER. We’ve gathered 6 of our favorites Do’s & Dont’s to help you get yours in the shower.

Do: Hold on tight.

To the side of the tub, support handle, the wall, or anything sturdy. Unless you’d prefer to slip & bang your head on the side of the bathtub. (We like it rough but not this rough) You can also try, leaning against the wall or even sitting on the floor with the water pouring down from behind like a waterfall. want to potentially fall and smack your pretty little head on the side of the bathtub, it’s a good idea to hold on to something sturdy while getting naughty in the shower.

Do: Try doggy style.

All things considered, any variation of doggy style is going to be your best bet when it comes to shower sex. You can do it standing, kneeling, whatever you want.

Do: Keep your oral expectations low. 

Never underestimate how difficult it is for someone to go down on you without it immediately turning into a waterboarding situation for them. It is not easy.

Don’t: Skip the foreplay.

Take your time, get squeaky clean then get down & dirty. You might be ready to go before the water even turns warm but give your partner a chance to warm up too.

Don’t: Hog the showerhead. 

The best thing about shower sex is the water, and with one showerhead to work with it’s mandatory that you share it. Sharing is caring! Don’t let your partner freeze in the forgotten corner of the shower.

Don’t: Forget the LUBE.

Water can rinse away your natural lube so be sure to take some in with you. Water is not lube and soap downstairs is just as painful as soap in your eyes. Leave things a tare & tear free zone by keeping your favorite lube near.


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