1. Cool Down Your Car Quickly: Roll down one window and open and close the opposite door a few times to cool that car down!
  2. Check Your Windows: Close the windows and use insulated drapes to keep the sun out during the day and open them at night when the sun is down.
  3. Turn Your Fan Around: If you face your fan out the window rather than in at night, your room will stay cooler and you might be able to sleep more comfortably!
  4. Drink More Water: Whenever your body heats up from physical activity or the hot weather outside, your internal air conditioner turns on and you begin to sweat. And remember, now that your air conditioner is using its coolant (your sweat), it is important to refill the tank — by drinking lots of H2O.
  5. MAKE IT A RHINO NIGHT:  If all else fails to visit your nearest Spearmint Rhino for a cold drink and refreshing good time!

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