Instagram Crush @Bacerocks_89

Our Latest Rhino Instagram Crush is:  Bace Rocks @bacerocks_89.  A tattoo model & entertainer you might have seen her on our main Instagram feed, rocking the stage at our San Jose, California location or various photoshoots featured on her Instagram page. We recently had a chance to catch up with Bace for a quick Q & A.


Our San Jose location is the latest to open & we are so happy to have you over there rocking it! What is your favorite thing about working at Spearmint Rhino? 
My favorite thing about working at Spearmint Rhino is having a safe and fun environment. I love to entertain and put on a show.
We love to watch your shows! What’s your favorite dance move? 
One of my favorite dance moves on the pole has to be the outside leg hang.
That’s a tricky one that you make so easy! Can you give us a little background on your tattoos? What’s your favorite & sexiest one?   
My favorite tattoo and sexiest is in between my breast, which is a queen chess piece.
 Agreed, that chess piece is definitely sexy! When not at Spearmint Rhino what sort of things do you enjoy doing?  
My hobby outside of dancing and modeling would be art and bowling.
Art & Bowling! Those both take a lot of skill you’ve got some talent girl! Thank you for your time and before we wrap up what is the one thing you’d like your followers to know?  
One thing I’d want my followers to know is to be confident, be yourself, and never give up. Those are my motives I live by.

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