Our Instagram Crush !

At Spearmint Rhino we enjoy showing off our beautiful Rhino Girls and share images of them daily on our Instagram feed. With style, class & images to drool over, we’ve recently acquired a huge girl crush on our Boise, Idaho Rhino Girl and wanted to share a few fun facts all about her!

Our first Rhino Instagram Crush is : @loui.xo !  


What is your favorite thing about working for Spearmint Rhino? 

I love that the rhino here in Boise lets you decide when you want to work. There’s literally no schedule or cutoff time when you can come in. Helps the girls that are single parents, going to work/school full time, be available for family or friends.

What’s your go-to Instagram filter, hashtag & emoji?

My favorite filter right now is on the app VSCO, it’s called AV8. I love to hashtag #hustle. My most used emoji is definitely the drool face, but also the crying laughing one cuz I laugh a lot.

What’s the craziest request you’ve ever gotten from a follower/ customer? 

The craziest thing I’ve requested from a customer would probably be when he asked to buy my dancer thong I’d been wearing all night haha. being in Boise, Idaho you don’t hear a ton of crazy stuff so I’m sure tons of girls have heard shit like that and even worse but that one will stick forever. he was most definitely serious but I think after I started laughing he got embarrassed lol so I lost out on $500 cuz I would’ve definitely sold my panties lmao that’s just too easy.

What’s one thing you’d like your followers to know? 

One thing I’d like my followers to know is, Instagram is not real life. We get so caught up in the image we portray online even though we all struggle with real-life issues. Always remember to be kind and to focus on your dreams. Instagram is nice and all but always put yourself before any social media. Love yourself and love your real life. Even though it’s tough, whatever you’re going through if you nurture yourself and set goals and have ambition. Instagram will never compare to The true happiness you achieve with accomplishing your real life goals.




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